When should start taking Pre-natal vitamins?

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When should start taking Pre-natal vitamins?
Thu, 03-29-2012 - 1:28am

Hi with my 3 other pregancies, I never took pre-natal vitamins since I fell pregnant easily and they weren't planned. Now I

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Thu, 03-29-2012 - 2:57pm
Hi Rochelle! I have heard that women need to take 400 mcg of folic acid for at least three months before getting PG. I take a B complex vitamin that has 1000 mcg of it just to be sure! Also, dark green leaf vegetables as well as certain other foods contain folic acid.

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Thu, 03-29-2012 - 1:47pm

Hi Rochelle!

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Thu, 03-29-2012 - 6:59am

At my recent gyn appointment I discussed this with the doctor and he said I should start taking prenatals when I stopped taking the pill and/or was starting to try.

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