WTT for #3!

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WTT for #3!
Wed, 07-06-2011 - 1:58pm

Hello Ladies!

My name is Rhonda, and i will be married to DH for 5 years in Sept.

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Wed, 07-06-2011 - 2:05pm

Ok, that siggy is soooooo old!

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Wed, 07-06-2011 - 10:12pm
Hey Rhonda I see on roll call you are from Toledo. I lived there for 4yrs. Originally from Cleveland. . We live in Indianapolis now due to dh's job.

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Thu, 07-07-2011 - 12:55am

Hey Rhonda!

Jules - Happily married and Momma to DS, DD and expecting our Caboose Baby 11/24/2012

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Thu, 07-07-2011 - 11:32am
Welcome to the board, Rhonda! What a beautiful picture!

I am Victoria, 29, and DH and I are WTT our first! I am glad you joined us!

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Sun, 07-10-2011 - 1:39am

Welcome back, Rhonda! I think I remember you from way back in the day when I joined the boards back in 2008. Congrats on your second DD! You should also come join us at the WTT Grads board! :-D

Hope you get your boy! ;-)

PS - My DD's MN is Chloe. We debated on whether to spell it with a C or a K for weeks! LOL

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Sun, 07-17-2011 - 4:29pm

Welcome! I'm Jenn, 32, and I have a 20 month old daughter (born Nov '09). DH and I are waiting to try for our second. I have a feeling we'll start to TTC in March 2012, waiting for me to lose at least another 12-15 lbs and take the Feb 2012 bar exam. Looking forward to getting to know you!


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Sun, 07-17-2011 - 6:31pm
Welcome Rhonda!!! Were WTT for #3 as well. Probably until late 2012 (plans may change as that is so long away). We'd love a girl for #3... and blah on the Chinesse gender chart, both my boys were suppose to be girls. LOL