How do you cope with being alone over the holidays?

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How do you cope with being alone over the holidays?
Wed, 11-14-2012 - 4:10pm

Even though it's nice to have a break from your kids when they are at the other parents, it doesn't mean that you don't miss them and get lonely.  With the holidays coming up, I'm sure it's even harder to not have them with you.  The following Huffington Post article had some suggestions on ways to combat the loneliness:

It's really important for parents who are alone during the winter holidays to get creative and absorbed in activities are personally fulfilling. This can also be an opportunity to reflect on meeting your own needs and finding friends and activities that bring joy into your life.

See their suggestions at this link:

How do you combat the loneliness? 

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Like the article says, you need to find things to keep you busy. It is very hard when all you want is to be surrounded by your family but they aren't there. If I don't have my kids on Christmas we just will celebrate when they do come back, act like it's really Christmas Eve and Day. That way we don't have to miss out on spending the time together, and it's worked for us. On the actual date, we'll do things to keep us busy like have a movie marathon or something along those lines.