And another lil tidbit

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And another lil tidbit
Tue, 08-17-2010 - 9:47pm

Today the President was in Seattle so of course there was a restricted no-fly zone for aircraft.

Well, a little ole seaplane happened to enter the no-fly-z, a couple who had been on vacation and didn't know about this and they landed on one of the lakes over there. In the meantime, 2 fighter jets had been deployed and created such a sonic boom that all the news stations were getting flooded w/calls from the public, wanting to know what that loud noise was all about. We heard it too but thought it was thunder. Some people's houses shook just like an earthquake was happening but ours didn't.

I guess the couple had to remain on the dock they landed at and answer investigators' questions before they satisfied them to be released. They sure didn't waste any time getting those fighter planes there, but the seaplane had already landed....can you imagine if they were still in the air and had to interact w/these 2 huge and LOUD planes? Can you say s-c-a-r-e-y?!