I need to vent

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I need to vent
Wed, 11-11-2009 - 11:17pm

These last couple of weeks have been very tiring. The kids have all been sick and I have too.

Seems like I couldn't take time to be sick and get better with everyone else being sick. So now I feel pretty rough. If it wasnt so uncomfortable to lie down (I have a kidney obsruction that is very painful) for any length of time I would really like to just go to bed for a few days.

I have had some rough nights lately because I have a kidney infection too. The blockage makes the pain so much worse and it seems not much helps.

I am very frustrated with the way things are going with my dgd as well. Her mother has started visits now and they are not going too well. Unfortunately Social services decided

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Thu, 11-12-2009 - 9:17pm

I think these situations throw evryone into turmool especially the kids. maybe if you sit down w/your dd & explain to her that her niece will have no where to go but in a home w/strangers she might feel a little better about her being there. Don't forget your dgd is taking your time away from your own kids. At the same time your dgd needs the attention, just imagine how she must be feeling & how her world has been turned up side down, its scary for a kid.

As for social services I think they make it very hard on us grands who take our grandchildren in because they also make us responsible for the visitation of our adult kids to see their kids. if these kids were in a foster home there would be a set time w/someone from social services present but because its family we're left to do it all & its not fair to us or the kids. What ends up happening is there is bitterness all around & the family situation goes from bad to worse for the kids

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