Thanksgiving Week From "You Know Where"!!

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Thanksgiving Week From "You Know Where"!!
Thu, 11-22-2012 - 6:32am

Last Friday night my dh had a bout with kidney stones. He went to the ER where they pumped him full of pain killers and suggested he see a urologist ASAP because the x-ray and CT scan revealed either a huge stone or several smaller ones lined up. We, I should say I, got him in to the doc on Monday afternoon. The doc said he would do the surgery yesterday (Wednesday) which of course was not soon enough for dh as he was in agony. We got his prescriptions filled and I made sure he got them exactly every four hours. I even woke him up to make him take them like they do in the hospital.LOL They wake you to ask if you need something to help you sleep!?LOL

He went into the hospital yesterday morning and because the lithotriptor couldn't turn the stone/stones into a passable sand like consistency, a stent was put in. We got him home and he was doing ok until the general anethesia started wearing off. Holy cow! I'm not sure what he was expecting...perhaps a miracle cure with no pain or discomfort, but he was miserable. Hopefully he will be better today.

I'm still fixing a Thanksgiving dinner! I've been doing it for to many years and fear that if I miss one my world will shift off it's axis.LOL Besides, we need some normalcy around here. Between the loss of our dear Molly...and now dh's kidney stone issues...there have been a lot of tears shed and many sleepless nights. With that said, I am still thankful for everything in our lives right now, especially having each other and family to cling to.

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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Oh no, Sharon, I hope that your dh is feeling much better now and that you had a good Thanksgiving. 

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Sharon - I sure hope your DH finally got rid of his kidney stones. My 17 yr old niece had to have a stint for kidney stones a few months ago. She was not a happy camper with all that either!!