Back To School!

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Back To School!
Fri, 08-30-2013 - 8:49am

What happens at your house for back to school?  Do you take your own kids and your step kids out shopping for supplies?

I know around here it's a tough balance.  We always have my step-daughter the week prior to school starting, which means she often comes with us to do the shopping for our kids.  Of course, like all 11 yo's, she'll see things she wants that her BM has told her she can't have and tries to get us to buy them for her.  We usually get her a few things, but her BM gets the rest, which sometimes leaves her upset since she can't choose another backpack or something she really wanted this a locker chandelier...can't believe they even make those things!? Wink

What about you?  Do you take your SK's back to school shopping or is it the custodial parent that does all that?