How do you deal with your step child telling lies on you...

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How do you deal with your step child telling lies on you...
Sat, 01-29-2011 - 1:34pm

The past few months when my step son goes to his mother's house he has been telling her lies about me and my husband. Ranging from we are mean to him to we are beating him. Without going into a whole lot of detail about the situation, my husband has sole legal and physical custody of my step son and the BM has restricted visitation due to drugs and bad ppl she has around SS. She blames the entire situation on me and my husband even though she made her own decisions. I guess it our fault because we brought it to the judges attention. My step son has learned from his mother that it is ok to lie.. we have tried to teach him its wrong, he even has councelling. Nothing is helping.. Now because of her manipulation and lies and my SS's lies, CPS was called by her. They investigated us and found nothing. But the entire situation is aggravating. We deal with constant texts and harassment. You tell her about something dealing with my SS she picks fight. It constant drama. Here lately its been directed towards me. Why I dont know. Dont ever speak to her. The report filed with CPS was about me beating my SS.