Another weekend and the end of the football season!!

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Another weekend and the end of the football season!!
Fri, 10-19-2012 - 9:28pm

It's a weird weekend here, football is over!! No hockey yet!! We may head to Brookfield Zoo or the Museum of Science and Industry one day. Ds has a cookout and is watching the sophmore's last game on Saturday morning. We have such a strong football program, out of 6 teams (2 Freshman, 2 Sophmore, 1 JV and 1V) they have suffered only 2 losses between them all! Ds's team was undefeated!! Dh mopped while I went to bible study today. We then did some errands and went for a walk at a mall, it has been rainy today. We have no plans for tonight. I am roasting a chicken for dinner tonight.
Saturday, ds has his cook out. Not sure what else during the day. Ds and dh are doing the Haunted Hike with scouts, another troop puts it on every year. I guess the night one is pretty creepy, they do it at one of the Scout camps about 15 miles away.
Sunday is church and religious ed. Not sure what else. I would like to do the zoo or something. We will host our regular bridge game. It seems weird not to have any sports! Dd is playing lax at tournament in Indiana, but since she can't be bothered to tell us where, we are not going. Arg!

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