March Madness

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March Madness
Fri, 03-08-2013 - 2:15pm

What do you have going on this month?

For us, it's tournament season.  DS is signed up for three so far, and most of them are about a three hour drive away.  We all went as a family to the first one a couple weekends ago.  This weekend, we're leaving DH and DD at home.  It was just too long of a day for her.  We're also bracing ourself for the tax bill that's due next month (boo!).

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Fri, 03-08-2013 - 2:27pm

Jazz and regular band concerts are coming up. Ds is finishing regular hockey but spring hockey starts up. Lacrosse games for the high school start mid -March. Dh and I are busy with scouts along with ds. Then of course, church stuff.

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