For Triplets... The Stroller Dilemna

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For Triplets... The Stroller Dilemna
Tue, 08-07-2012 - 10:08am

During my pregnancy my DH and I dealt with the issue of what to do for strollers when it comes to Triplets.  They are HUGE, heavy and alot to deal with... they also can cause unwanted attention. 

So... what did we end up doing?

I have my single stroller from my oldest.  I also already have all my baby slings... but it wasn't enough...


We bought a Triple Tandem Stroller. (The Foundation)  It's longgggggggggggggg... but fits through doorways.  It is incredibly heavy and doesn't fit in our Mini Van... but might be good for walks around the neighbourhood.  It was inexpensive compared to others (300 dollars), which helped.

We then bought a Double Stroller and Baby Sling.  It fits in our Mini Van... isn't as heavy ....but is wider, so it doesn't fit through doorways.  It's a side by side.  It's ok, but with baby attached, it left me hot and unable to play with my older DD when we were out at the park.

I would have loved a Triple Pram type...  more like an open Bassinet that all the babies could have fit in side by side while they're still small...  but I didn't find one in time and now the babies are just too big and it would be too cramped.  I liked that it would easilly fit through doorways and not be too heavy.  It would also allow babies to lay flat.

I've found some different types, including one that is called the Triple Mountain Buggy.  It's Double Stroller wide with the extra seat above.  It's tall looking but would work.... the issue is it's expensive. 

For the other Triplet Mums... or Twin Mums with other children......  what do you use?





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Mon, 10-01-2012 - 4:01am

Hi, I have triplets, but hardly ever come on here. It seems like most people with triplets like the valco stroller with the joey seat or the abc adventure buggy. Most people also like the triple decker stroller when their babies are in infant seats because they snap in. It isn't as long as others because it is somewhat stacked. I also have the triple runabout and a triple baby jogger that I havent used in over a year. The only thing that I ever use now is the choo choo wagon by step 2, we also use a double and single a lot if my husband and I go out together. 

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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 11:20am
My sister has 7 kids. While none of them are multiples, they are all closely spaced. She had a DuoGlider for the first three, but quickly swapped it out for a Sit N Stand. It worked out for them because someone ALWAYS wound up asking to walk. Those strollers are so bulky. What about wearing one while pushing the other two?