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Tue, 03-15-2011 - 11:54am

I was wondering how you all schedule appointments like doctor or dentist for your kids, especially the homeschooling families.

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Wed, 03-16-2011 - 3:41pm

We do the dentist all at once.

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Fri, 03-18-2011 - 3:10pm
We try to work it so that my husband or I can just take the child that has an appointment instead of bringing everyone else too. My husband will take his lunch hour when the appointment is. I know I am really blessed that we have the option of doing that.


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Wed, 03-23-2011 - 4:50pm
I do they all together, when possible, and I try to double up on school the day before so I don't have to stress it the day of. At the dentist, I've been known to keep the baby in a stroller to help me run back and forth between exam rooms. But I see a really nice dentist who doesn't care if I do that. lol

Other appointments, where only a one or two kids go, I try to do it when Brian or my MIL can watch the other kids.

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Mon, 03-28-2011 - 6:28pm
For me, it depends on the kind of appt. Dentist appts I BEG to do all at once, due to time and distance. We go to an Indian clinic so we are kind of at their mercy as to when we get to go. I just took all 6 kids with me for cleanings today (Sammie didn't get hers cleaned but I did) so there were 6 cleanings. They started at the youngest and worked their way up but I asked them to take my oldest daughter in the middle because I didn't want it to be the youngest 5 out there without at least one of the 2 of us. It was interesting to say the least. If I have the option of seeing the dentist on a day out of school (they go to public--- pitfall of being a single mom--- no choice) but if not then they just have to miss school. I can't beat myself up about it.

For regular illnesses or well kid checks, I take them as needed. If they can't accommodate my schedule then I tell daddy that he has to help.

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