Happy Days! What's got you cackling & grinning in October?

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Happy Days! What's got you cackling & grinning in October?
Sun, 10-17-2010 - 7:53pm

Our lives are full of wondeful, amazing things.

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Well ...

I am officially not overweight for the first time since Cordelia was born ... So, in years and years!!! I started losing weight after Judah was born, and was only slightly derailed by Nina. Since I knew this was it in terms of babies, I have really given weight loss my all, particularly while I was nursing/home from work.

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Congrats on the weight loss, Tofuttimommy! I have lost about 45-50 lbs. since Peter was born (and weighed the same when each was conceived). I haven't even looked at what I should weigh--probably ought to--just shooting for where I was in high school (not unreasonable, I wasn't ever skinny even in high school. I was on retreat this weekend and God showed me a lot--could be more specific if anyone's curious--but one of the highlights for me was God telling me to roll down the hill--and I did. It was really fun. So now--after I take care of Hannah's potty, put her pants on, and go potty--I think I might show her how to roll down a hill. I also pumped 25 ounces over around 24 hours, which is awesome--now I know that I don't have supply issues. Although he did gain weight noticeably and grow 3 (!) teeth while I was gone.

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Well, we found out last Wed. that my dd is having a BOY!!

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I am loving my little princess Julia.


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What a great idea, Martie! I've been meaning to answer this thread, and finally got a minute.

I am so happy to report that homeschooling is going very well, especially considering it's our first year. I was warned that it would be really hard in the beginning, and it is. I've had moments of sheer panic that I'm missing important things and ruining their education (I'm putting it together eclectically and not using a complete curriculum). At first I thought it was a disaster, but once we got past four weeks of Jewish holidays making it difficult and then a week when everyone was sick, it got SO much better. I guess it's also the baby getting a little older and more settled that makes it easier, now that I think about it. Anyway, I've discovered that it works so much better when we sit around the dining room table together instead of letting the olders go off on their own. It's funny that so many homeschoolers disparagingly say "Oh, all non-homeschoolers have a picture of homeschoolers sitting around the dining room table doing school, but that's not what it's like" - when in fact, for us, right now that's EXACTLY what it's like.

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Today I went to the office of vital records to try to get birth certificates for both Wilsie and Florence and shock of all shocks, it WORKED and took me less than 30 min. I could not believe it. One of those rare moments when a government agency works well and you get what you came for without multiple trips, etc. Yipee I now have birth certificates for all 5 children. I also went to my work and had my boss sign an expense report form and made copies and put it in the inter-office mail, so I accomplished two whole things today. Wait I gave Florence a bath and Wilsie and Violet a bath, that makes it 4 things right? And I did 2 loads of laundry but haven't put it away. Still, all in all a good day for me! And Florrie is healthy and happy (despite spitting up one gallon every night and being fussy in the evening.... we will tolerate this for a healthy baby girl who we wanted so badly!)

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my October highlights:

i got through September lol

had the most wonderful weekend (happened into Rascal Flatts tickets and went with abigail on Friday night, Saturday massage & family to lacrosse then golfland, then drove to coast Sunday and had the most wonderful dinner shared with our adopted extended family we have found here then stopped on the way back across the mountains at a kid fun pumpkin farm hayride and all)

am finding routines finally slipping into place and normalcy/familiarities have set in for the most part

am progressing nicely on my second language. I am so thrilled to exercise my brain this way

Hiring Phyllis fulfillment as of next Thursday.


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