Picky Eaters (not mine)

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Picky Eaters (not mine)
Tue, 02-26-2013 - 1:47am

How do you handle friends of your children who come over and are picky when it comes to food?  The rule has always been that the kids eat what I make for meals.  We don't do special orders because I'd never leave the kitchen and it's just not something I want to do.  Do you accommodate the friend or do you let the house rule apply?

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Tue, 03-05-2013 - 4:34pm

Well, my family isn't large, but I thought I'd answer anyway.  :)

No, I don't make special food to accommodate friends who happen to be over at dinnertime.  If DS has planned to have a friend over, I'd work out dinner details with DS (ask what they'd like, etc.)before the friend gets here, but once the food is made, that's it. 

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Mon, 04-08-2013 - 2:57pm

Usually we don't accomidate.. I will ask my kiddos what their friend likes or doesn't like prior to the meal and occasionally make 2 veggies instead of one. Though our house rules don't really apply to them as I don't make them finish the meal or anything..more like you eat if you want if not, you can go back home and eat and come back...lol..