Hi everyone!! Introducing myself :) Growing a big family.... questions on how to make it work.

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Hi everyone!! Introducing myself :) Growing a big family.... questions on how to make it work.
Tue, 11-13-2012 - 9:42am

Hi! I'm Meagan, stay at home Mom to 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a 19 year old "adopted" sweetheart brother in law who has lived with us since his Mom passed away 4 years ago. My kids are Nathan(8), Mackenzie (4), and Presley (18 months). I want nothing more than a even bigger family... The love we have in this house in incredible. The kids love each other so much and are best buds (for now at least ;) and we are just so happy. I was an only child and have always wanted a big family. We are about to buy a bigger home with enough space for our family plus more. I can't wait to move, it's about killing me. We live very far away from my husband's work, grocery stores, family, friends, and the kids extracurricular activities that it is making our lives way more difficult than necessary. 

My son, Nathan, is in Hockey which is very expensive and takes a lot of time. He loves it and so do my "big boys", my DH and BIL who are from Canada and played very competitive hockey all their lives. My daughter, Mackenzie, is in ballet and is truly wonderful at it. We are thinking about theatre classes as well because she is very animated, theatrical, and rarely changes out of dress up clothes. 

We are young and still have lots of time for baby making. My husband has become a very successful businessman who is growing a company that will set us up for life.... we are just not quite there yet. 

We feed our children very healthy, my son has a lot of food allergies which have been a blessing, teaching us so much about what it means to truly eat healthy. I cook everything from scratch and love feeding my family nutritious meals. They have been "brainwashed" into knowing how bad fast food and other unhealthy things are. I love feeding my family healthy, but it can be very expensive. 

I would love any advice on how to afford a big family, still allowing them to be involved in activities and without missing out on anything. 

I am VERY impatient about having another baby, even though I know waiting a year would be best. We love the age difference with our kids and how it allows us to enjoy them, give them personal attention, and spread out the different costs and activities. I have started homeschooling for pre-school and have found it to be way better for them as far as education goes. Even still, I'm having the hardest time waiting to have another baby! It's all I can think about. 

Happy to find this board and would love any advice or experiences from you ladies!


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Glad to have you here, Meagan! Did you and your husband decide on a 4 year spacing from the start or is that just sort of how it worked out? How does he feel about spacing them closer together?