My MIA and a cry for help....

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My MIA and a cry for help....
Fri, 09-07-2012 - 10:28am

I am not exactly sure who here remembers me or not, But I need some P&PT please, some advice, and a shoulder to lean on.

Over the last several months, my life has been a living nightmare. The stupid DH decided that he wanted his girlfriend, and not his family. I decided that I did not need to be in a controlling manipulative relationship, my that my babies deserved so much better than a physically abusive father. So my marriage is over, I am at peace with this decision.

April 23, he came in town and filed for visitation of all five children, did not even call to try to see the kids. on April 26, I filed for sole custody of the kids. We went to court June 1, He got custody of the youngest three munchkins and unlimited vistation with the older two boys. He picked them up a week later, and did not acknowledge the older two boys at all.

I went for two months being only allowed to speak to my babies on speaker phone, If I said anything other than I love you to the kids,  and how was your day, he would step in, scream at me and berate me, and hang up on me.I know without a doubt the older two boys would say they did something just to protect the younger children from being "punished" by this man. HIs version on punishment was to shove them over the arm of a couch, or laying on their stomachs on the floor and stand over them and start swinging a belt. He oftentimes left bruises. The younger three have stated that he has whipped them with a belt, and Yes, CPS was called and a report filed.

My boys are going through hell over this, My world has been turned upside down. If You want more details, I have started a blog ( ) to tell our story and a fundly account ( ) to try to raise money for the legal fees to bring my babies home.I am asking anyone and everyone to please pass along the sites and share with as many people as possible.

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