family recipe book idea

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family recipe book idea
Sun, 09-30-2007 - 10:07am

just sharing a little ahah moment I had a while back.

I have always wanted to collect all our grams', both, famly recipes and make an heirloom collection to perserve that part of the families history. Easy to imagine but harder to execute. So often cooks just do things with out writing stuff down or change the recipe without ever marking the recipe. So, it dawned on me, while that project (major as it is) would be nice and hopefully one day we (someone in the family) will make it happen in the mean time I would simple start local and create OUR OWN FAMILY RECIPE BOOK. So, as we are trying new things and cooking evolves through trial and error, when we have a hit we make sure to write down the details so we can reproduce it and add that item to our regulars. So rather than re inventing the wheel my plan was too make our own personalized recipe book unique to our family's tastes and preferences. Just makes sense. No more remembering which cook book has what in it or digging out different things. Kind of like a coach develops his own playbook over the years and that becomes his bible, liquid gold, after a while. So I have taken the scribbled down successes so far and actually started the cookbook. I am hoping that not only will this be a great convenience in the here and now and solidify this portion of our family history (who doesn't remember mom's cooking , right?_) but also become something I can pass down to Ab when she gets married and gift to the boys wives as well. Maybe that is a bit sappy but I think it will be pretty cool. I can pull in the favorites from our parents as well and add little stories and that will tie in the grammas who our kids only know long distance. ANyway, thougth some of you might be interested in a similar thing so wanted to share the idea and because it is long term it just becomes a part of everyday lives but tangible so it can last the generations.

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Mon, 10-01-2007 - 11:36am
I think that's a great idea, Sher!

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Tue, 10-02-2007 - 7:09pm

Great idea! I have a cookbook my mom bought me when I first moved out. She added a few recipes for dinners and side dishes that she knew I liked the most, plus some cookies, bars, breads. I have added to it over the years and it is a mess! But that is how I like it- the ingredient list often has a star and a note at the bottom or I will just draw a line over and put down what changes I made. Or at the bottom of a main dish recipe I will write down what sides go really good with it.
When my cousin (who was like my best friend growing up) got married to the sweetest girl I know, I gave her a brand new cookbook with some of my recipes, some of my moms, grandmas, etc. to welcome her to the family. She loved it and has since started adding her own recipes. The top lines say
From the Kitchen of

So I put that info in, with the second line things like "Trishia, Brian's cousin" or "Grandma Millie" or whoever the recipe was from. I will be doing this next fall when my other cousin gets married as well. And this Christmas for their sister who never got one because she was always in the family and I never thought about it! Talk about a cheap Christmas present- the blank cookbook was $5 and I am just adding recipes a few at a time!

I love the idea of sharing it with your girls and future daughter-in-laws. That is not sappy, it is a true welcome to adulthood for your daughter (or at least was when my mom gave me mine) and a welcome to the family for future family members. Over time you can add grandma's recipes and aunt sally's cake or whatever. I try to add stuff in as I make it out of other cookbooks as well if I have already made it and it is a favorite. It does save me time from having to search through all my other cookbooks for favorite dishes and desserts!

If you were generous enough, someday you could publish it! :) (I could do that, but there would be a few recipes I would have to take out, they are family ones)

good luck on the new venture, and great idea!

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