Strange uses for stuff...

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Strange uses for stuff...
Thu, 04-01-2010 - 12:48am

Ok ladies, I know we are all busy mommies... but I had to share some strange uses for things that came straight from my Daddy.

Fabric Softener sheets- These can be used for hard to clean food-burnt pans. Stick a fabric softener sheet into your sishwater and soak your pans for about 30-45 minutes... the burnt junk comes right out and it wont destry your cookware.

Grits and cornmeal-have ants?  Sprinkle cornmeal or grits (not the instant stuff) where you see the ants and all around the outside of your home... The ants carry it back to the colony and cannot digest it.

Instant mashed potatoes--Got mice??-- Ok this one is a bit ucky, but it works... Set out two bowls... one with instant mashed potatoes and one with a little bit of water wherever you see the mice the most often. The mice will eat the potatoes and then drink the water and poof. dead rodent.  This works great if you have little ones and dont want to set mouse traps or sticky paper... No smashed fingers or toes and no sticky paper found in strange places.

Borax-put a line of borax around your home or where you see roaches.. It works to get rid of them

Pennyroyal- Its an herb or something, We have several small pots with it, and it helps to keep flys from your home. also a mixture of Bayleaf, Peppermint oil, spearamint oil, epsom salts and cloves will help discourange flys from entering your home.. We have containers sitting just outside our doors with this stuff in it, and no magor fly issues (learned this one from the terminex guy too)

Cinnamon and chalk- Mix kids sidwalk chalk (crushed of course) and cinnamon and put it where you see ants coming into your home, they wont cross it.

Chalkboard eraser-got foggy windows? simply use a chalboard eraser to clean them. We have an eraser in the car for just this reason. works wonderfully to help keep your windows and mirros fog free.

Ice- We all have children, and at one point in time or another, they will have blood on their clothes. (Wills is prone to nose bleeds, and he's a gusher) Put ice on the bloodstain, it will remove blood.


Got any more strange uses for things? I'd love to know.

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