What??? Study: Only Children More Likely to be Overweight

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What??? Study: Only Children More Likely to be Overweight
Fri, 08-24-2012 - 6:19pm

According to a new study out of Europe, children without siblings may have an increased risk of obesity.


I don't think I believe this.  This is the first aritcle I found on the study, but I'm going to look for more information.

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Well, if ds and I count, neither have ever been considered overweight. DS is now 20, 6'2" and about 170 pounds - always at the 95th percentile in height and always between the 50th-75th percentile in weight. My BMI (I'm an only too) has always been around 22.

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Can't say I've seen any evidence of it on  the streets of Europe!! Two of DD's "only" friends are ballet dancers and extremely slim and another is tiny!  DD is in the middle range and only one of her "only" friends is even slightly overweight .