When to start music lessons?

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When to start music lessons?
Fri, 07-13-2012 - 1:32pm

DD is four, and she's been showing an interest in the piano lately.  We've always had a piano in the house as well as other instruments.  She'll spend quite a bit of time sitting at the piano "playing."  Do you think she's too young for lessons?  I thought 5 or 6 might be a better age, but if she's showing an interest this early is there any reason not to look into it further? 

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Thu, 08-02-2012 - 12:03pm

(Haven't been on here for ages and ages!)

My friend is a piano teacher and her concern about starting piano was that their hands had to be big enough.  I can't remember when she started teaching her daughter but I think she had started school so maybe 5 or 6.

My DD (now 12) started violin aged 6 and she still plays but claims not to like it!  She learned using the Suzuki method based on listening rather than on scales and reading music although she does both of those now. The teacher did have some younger pupils from about 3 - with tiny little violins!!