9 Year Old Stowaway

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9 Year Old Stowaway
Wed, 10-09-2013 - 3:44pm

Has anyone heard about the story this week of the 9 year old boy who managed to make his way through TSA security, and got onto a flight to Las Vegas unaccompanied.  His parents, according to this article, thought he was just taking out the trash:


They also say that they've had lots of behavioral problems with him, and that he was suspended from school for fighting.  He also stole a car recently.  From an earlier report I heard, his parents had no idea where he was, and doesn't appear they were looking for him.  

I really do feel for the parents, but can't imagine not knowing where my 9 year old was.  Granted, mine goes out to play with neighborhood boys and I don't keep a contstant eye on him, they float between our houses, but I'm not worried about him taking off like this.  I'm sure they are exhausted.   I really would like to know how he got to the airport in the first place.

What do you think about the story?


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Sat, 10-12-2013 - 7:38am

My 10 year old maybe able to put together how to get to the airport here. He has been taking the train with me for YEARS so he'd figured out which line to switch too and the stop is actually called airport, BUT his anxiety would prevent him from getting on T alone let alone manuvering through an airport. First TSA guy he saw and it would be over if he made it that far. Now he has friends that are more street savy then him so I could see at least where we live making it to the airport.

I do know people who have behavior issue kids and sounds from the little I heard of this story this may have been an issue. My 7 year old nephew is defient. He can be exhuasting to be around for a few hours let alone if you live with him. The anger and lack of respect and caring its scary to think what could be in a few years. She is in process of getting offical diagnosis (side vent while probably ADHD too medication for that won't solve the defient issues) but nothing is an easy fix and its going to be a life time battle with him. Know others with teenage kids who have similar struggles. Even with his ADHD its hard for me to picture my DS acting out like this but again its because of his personality. Now my nephew would probably never figure out how to get to the airport but could see him wind up someplace on impulse.

I feel for the parents, while there are things probably behind my nephews situation (my sister isn't stable, he ex is no better, lots of fighting and neglect) others I know who have battled withh some of these issues its not like that. My sister was a problem child but my parents weren't mean or neglectful or anything. She does have some bipolar issues and that affects behavor. They didn't do anything wrong per say (well in hind sight you always say well I could have handled it this way but it was the 80s and these things were handled different if at all) she was born with a chemical imbalance and there are no easy fixes. My ADHD kid can be EXHAUSTING and we don't have behavior issues so I can only imagine what parents of kids with behavior problems feel like.