9 year old - trouble falling asleep

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9 year old - trouble falling asleep
Wed, 07-16-2008 - 11:22am
HI - My 9 yo DS has trouble sleeping.
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Wed, 07-16-2008 - 12:57pm


my kids have the same problem, (ds 9yrs, dd 7yrs) ds can't stop thinking about things and dd has growing pains,and/or lays awake "just thinking"


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Wed, 07-16-2008 - 1:42pm

What time does he get up in the morning?

Sue the Ho
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Wed, 07-16-2008 - 1:49pm
My 9-year-old has the same problem. I've given up even trying to put her to bed early -- I turn out the light at 10 p.m., and then she lies in the dark and listens to audio books on my iPod until she falls asleep around 11. She's not allowed any caffeine at all; if she has even a few sips of Coke, she'll be awake until 1 in the morning if not later. I did some research and apparently there's a hormonal shift at the beginning of puberty that changes kids' circadian rhythms, so we're fighting biology here!
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Thu, 07-17-2008 - 1:14pm

Some things that have worked for me when I can't sleep are turning the light on (dim) and reading for a while. Listening to soft music so I can relax and fall asleep. And sometimes I just have to listen/watch a tv show. I usually pick something from the history channel or discovery kids. It gives my mind something else to think about rather than what it is stuck on. When I was in my late teens I bought myself a little tv that had sleep timer on it and I'd put that on so I didn't have the tv on all night. I really just needed it for a short period so my mind would stop spinning. A good friend would write in a journal, make notes so she wouldn't forget to do something the next day and by putting it down on paper allowed her to let it go from her mind.

Has he giving you any reason why he can't sleep?

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