bday present ideas?

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bday present ideas?
Wed, 03-18-2009 - 2:47pm


Can someone please give me an idea of what would be a good
birthday present for 8 - 9 yr old boy? What would your sons appreciate?
I have girls and I'm really stumped on what to get.


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Thu, 03-19-2009 - 3:58pm

Legos. Specifically their Bionicle series. My 9 year still likes getting various Lego kits to build and I know the Bionicle ones were (and still are) talked about a lot when he was 7 and 8.

Baikugon (sp?) balls or cards are another thing the kids seem to be into.

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Fri, 03-20-2009 - 1:34pm

Suddenly my son is out with dinosaurs and playsets and really into battle things.

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