Can not seperate my 8yo from her toys!

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Can not seperate my 8yo from her toys!
Mon, 01-23-2012 - 9:11am

Hi! My daughter is 8 and has really taken to

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Mon, 01-23-2012 - 4:57pm
I would probably not let her take the dolls to school, since they probably contribute to her not playing with other kids at recess. Why try to make friends when you have a doll to play with? I have some strong willed boys as well, and we have our battles in the morning. You might just have to walk her through each step if she loses focus on what she should be doing. As much of a pain that can be, it might lead to a more stress-free morning. If she has the power struggle with you still, or tries to play with her toys, than she should have a consequence for that. My boys have lost electronic privileges before for morning behavior, it tends to get through to them when they come home and don't have their favorite device to play.

Good luck, I feel for you. Stubborn kids aren't easy to deal with!