Concerns about oone of my daughters.

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Concerns about oone of my daughters.
Sat, 06-21-2008 - 4:00pm
Just over the past couple weeks Natalie has started to worry when I way from her for while. Or, when I leave her with my mom or somewhere for a short while she will start crying and not stop till I am back. She's had a few dreams about me dying but her Grammy died too in her dream. They have really upset her. I also recently hurt myself by shutting a couple of fingers in the van sliding door. I did it while I was mad at her and I think she blames herself. I have told her it wasn't her fault. She didn't shut the door. I did. I had to go to the urgent care. I keep showing her I am fine, I can use my fingers fine now. Just over the last couple of days she has gotten better. But, I run an errand and she insists she go with me. She would stay home with me instead of going with daddy to do a fun thing. I guess all I can do is keep reassuring her. Right? Anything I can do? I try to get her to talk to me. Right now I am worried about school starting and her doing this.


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Tue, 06-24-2008 - 10:53am

Chelle, it sounds like she is really concerned that she hurt you and is worried that something else worse is going to happen to you.

Give her lots of hugs and reassurance. I'd also play the "I will be happier if you go have some fun with your dad. It makes me sad thinking of you missing out because you don't want to leave me alone. I will be fine. Now please as a favor to me, go." card. She needs to realize that she and you will both be okay if she goes off and has some fun without you.

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