Do you let your daughter wear heels?

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Do you let your daughter wear heels?
Thu, 06-21-2012 - 12:36pm

I was just reading an article from Today on shoe designers making heels for girls, the newest being a 3 inch wedge:

Maybe I'd feel differently if I had a daughter, but doubt I will.  I just don't think little girls need to be wearing shoes like this, they can wait until they are older.  Does anyone know how much wearing heels at early ages can damage their feet? 



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Sun, 07-29-2012 - 10:53am

Funny - my daughter has a pair just like the ones in the article.  Why?  She thought they were cute & her Grandma bought them for her (along w/ 2 other pairs of sandals - my mother loves shoes...).  I'm sure dd thought they were cute because it's the type of shoe her 20yo sister would wear.  (20 yo is 5'0" tall & is absolutely crazy for heels).

She wears these particular shoes when she dresses up.  Going to Church on Sunday wearing a pretty sundress, we let her wear her "fancy sandals."

Really - most of the time they sit alone in the closet.  She's an active kid, can't really run around a lot in heels!  LOL!