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What are your 8/9 yo's

Favorite tv show?

Favorite song?

Favorite story?

Favorite snack?

Favorite color?

Favorite thing to do?

Favorite outfit?

Favorite drink?

Favorite place to hang out?

Favorite thing to have for dinner?

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What are your 8/9 yo's

Favorite tv show? -- iCarly

Favorite song? -- can't say, it changes all the time!

Favorite story? -- Spiderwick Chronicles

Favorite snack? -- chocolate-covered pretzels

Favorite color? -- purple

Favorite thing to do? -- read

Favorite outfit? -- she loves this khaki jacket she has -- looks like something Indiana Jones would wear, LOL

Favorite drink? -- water

Favorite place to hang out? -- home

Favorite thing to have for dinner? -- spaghetti

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Here are Philip's:

Favorite tv show? Phineas and Ferb

Favorite song? The theme song of Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman.

Favorite story? Hank the Cowdog series

Favorite snack? Cantolope

Favorite color? green

Favorite thing to do? play with his ds

Favorite outfit? camoflauge shorts with a green shirt.

Favorite drink? apple juice

Favorite place to hang out? His bedroom

Favorite thing to have for dinner? cheese burger and fries.

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Mindy that isn't a weird favorite snack. My oldest nephew(8) will pick carrots, olives, or salami over anything sweet all the time. He doesn't like candy, cake or even ice cream and never has. He'll eat cake at a birthday party to be polite which cracks his mother and me up because you can tell he doesn't like it but he's eating it because "it would be mean not to Tia"

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