Fighting between friends

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Fighting between friends
Sun, 10-12-2008 - 9:01pm

I have two girls, 1st grade and 3rd. They have girlfriends on the street that are 1st and 2nd grade.

I love that there are neighbor kids to play with , but I am tired of the fighting and bickering. It is getting old...

I have one neighbor girl that is always running home crying (she is in 1st grade). Another (2nd grade), just yesterday, stormed out of my house slamming the door because she was "sick of watching TV every time she comes over..." Not to say that my kids don't do their share of crying and fighting.

I have a hard time saying no when kids want to play. So I usually have 3-5 over at a time. Then they form little "sects" because no one wants to play the same things. This is fine, I feel, as long as no one is being left out.

On that note, one friend age 6 comes over to play with my two girls. Someone (usually one of my girls), I always feeling left out. My rule is, my house, everyone plays who wants to play.

I guess I am just wondering if this is normal for kids that are 6-8 years old??? How to you handle with conflicts with your kids and their friends? I am ready to say, everyone just go home if you'all can't get along!

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Mon, 10-13-2008 - 2:22pm
When we have an even number of kids here it works a lot better then when the number is odd. Three kids always means someone has to wait for their turn at the video game or for the other two to finish a board game or for something to do if they are playing sports outside. Four kids they can break into pairs if they are playing two player games or if they have to wait they have someone else who isn't playing to talk to/do something else.

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Mon, 10-13-2008 - 3:00pm

You don't live on my street, do you? LOL!! Seriously, we have 8 girls on our block between 1st and 3rd grades. Divia city here, as well. ITA about only even numbers~it does tend to work out better, eliminates the in fighting, etc.

Those who don't mix well don't tend to get invited back as quickly as those who do. The door slammer and crybaby would likely be asked over less frequently than the girls who can figure out how to make it work.

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Mon, 10-13-2008 - 4:23pm

I think that you're maybe having too many kids over at a time.

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