How much money would you spend on you...

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How much money would you spend on you...
Tue, 01-27-2009 - 2:23pm
How much money would you spend per child on your child's birthday party?

  • $0-$5
  • $5-$8
  • $8-$10
  • $10-$12
  • $12-$15
  • $15-$18
  • $18-$20
  • $20-$25
  • $25-$30
  • $30 or more

You will be able to change your vote.

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Tue, 01-27-2009 - 2:36pm

I tried to edit, but either it's not taken effect, or not yet...

The poll is meant to ask how much would you spend PER CHILD on your child's birthday.

Please include any input- like.. "this would include cake and prizes" or "cake, prizes, activity" or such..

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Tue, 01-27-2009 - 6:51pm

I just popped in to see what was happening, I have a son who's nearly 8. I answered $30+, because this is what we've done in the past. He only has a party every other year, we do not purchase presents that year. The party cost includes a room rental fee at a local children's place (last year it was Pump It Up, when he turned 5, we went to a go-kart, laser tag place, 3 at train museum and the party was much less than this). Also, it takes into account cake, pizza, goody bags, tokens or tickets if needed, thank you notes, invitations, etc. We typically spend about $450 total for anywhere from 10 to 25 kids, depending on location.

BUT, given today's economy, if we were having a party this year, our plans would be scaled back quite a bit.


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Wed, 01-28-2009 - 12:27pm
When you add everything up it is probably close to $30 per child. That would be the cost of the party place, the goodie bags, the food (which is normally pizza, cheese, crackers, veggie tray, various fruits, drinks, cake, invitations, thank you cards divided up.

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Fri, 01-30-2009 - 2:10am
This year will be scaled back!