I need to vent!

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I need to vent!
Mon, 04-14-2003 - 9:41am
On Friday, I was told by my ds's friend that she had heard at school that my ds had stolen some Yu-Gi-Oh cards from an older boy here in our neighborhood. I talked to ds, plus his friend, who is the older boy's little brother. The brother took the cards from his brother and had given them to my ds. The older brother sort of knew that his brother had taken the cards, but was mad and decided to blame my ds, because he doesn't like him.

I talked to ds and he said he didn't know that the cards were not his friend's, he had been told that the cards were his and his brother had taken them from him so he was giving them to my ds so his brother couldn't steal them back. Anyways, we got everything straightened out and the boys made up, and I thought everything was okay.

Then, Saturday, the younger boy phoned here, all upset. He said that the evening before, my ds was riding a bike that wasn't his and he stole it! What, again!! Ds was playing with the boy who owned the bike and thought it would be funny to tell his friend that he had found the bike and was keeping it(afterwards, he returned it to neighbor's yard). His friend's older brother told him that the bike belongs to neighbor, so my ds must have stolen that, TOO. My dh wasn't impressed with the 2 boys accusing ds of stealing again, so phoned the mother up again. She was as rude to him as she has been to me whenever I talk to her aobut her boys. Dh doesn't want ds to play with these boys again. I know it wasn't very smart of ds to tell his friend that he was keeping the bike, but it was the kind of joke that appeals to 8 year old boys. I do not want it to get around our small community that he is a thief. Thankfully, we are moving to a new street soon, and away from these boys!

Thanks for letting me vent!