My 9-1/2 year old asked when she can shave...

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My 9-1/2 year old asked when she can shave...
Sun, 09-23-2012 - 11:36pm

"Mom, can I shave me legs?" she asked.

"Why?  Your legs aren't hairy, you've got blond fuzz that you can barely see."

I'm chalking part of it up to being the youngest girl in the family.  Her oldest sister is almost 21, her cousin who lives with us is almost 18. She's grown up surrounded by teen girls - between her sister, cousin & all their friends that hang out at our house. Our bathroom is full of girly stuff: hair styling products, tampons, shavers, shaving creams, hair dryers, straighteners & curlers.  Plus she is the youngest of a whole slew of girl cousins.  DH's mom has 10 grandkids.  9 are girls.  Family gatherings are a girl-fest.

I guess I'll make sure to keep the shavers out of sight/out of mind in the bathroom & monitor the leg hair, so she's not tempted to take matters into her own hands.  I will show her how how when the time is right (as I did her older sisters), but I don't think now is the time. I'm afraid to set her loose with a razor just yet.

I'll have to ask her big sister to remind me what age she started shaving. I remember sitting in the tub with her showing her how to do it.  If I remember correctly, I think she was around 12 and "Santa" had left her a razor & some shaving cream in her stocking.  Big sister was (still is) small for her age, and my 9 year old is as tall as her older sister was at age 12!  Sister is 5'0" at 21 years old.

ahhh...  fun times again with girls. :smileyhappy:

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Tue, 09-25-2012 - 1:51pm
No, not that!! I really feel for you, I'm sure it's because she's around the older girls. One of my nieces has an age gap with her sister, there is 9 years between them. She loved being around her older sister and all her friends, and was definitely more mature in some ways than other girls her age. She loved the attention.

The problem with shaving is that once you start, you don't have the option of stopping. Is there another grown up girl experience you could exchange for shaving her legs? This conversation reminds me of that Judy Blume book, I think the title was something like The Pistachio Prescription. The girl tweezes off her eyebrows, and takes a chunk out of her leg trying to shave for the first time.

I have to say I wish my boys would shave their legs sometimes :smileywink: They are getting rather hairy!