My daughter has breasts, yikes?!?!!

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My daughter has breasts, yikes?!?!!
Thu, 04-02-2009 - 2:18am

My daughter turned nine in February. She started have growing pains in her breast area at seven and by eight she started to develop. I have been buying her training bras for a year now. Her body is curvier and plump around the hips and thighs. I am freakin out, especially after reading that pre-puberty usually starts at 11.

She has also been complaining of pain in her lower abdomen. Her symptoms sound like cramps. I haven't told her my thoughts about her pain, yet. I have talked to her about "periods", puberty, and a bit about reproduction. She knows a girl at school who is nine and started her period, so she has begun to connect the dots. Without my suggestions she said, "Mom, what if I start my period soon?" Frankly, she seems exited about it. I think if it happens we are somewhat prepared.

I am just wondering if this is typical or is she early bloomer with breasts and a growth spurt at nine?

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Thu, 04-02-2009 - 11:47pm
Yikes I know but it is the normal range of growing up. It wasn't unheard of when I was growing up for girls to start developing at 8 or 9 (I'm in my 40's). A good friend's dd went through the mood swings and cramps for about 2 years before she started.

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Fri, 04-03-2009 - 7:52am


No, this isn't right.

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Thu, 04-09-2009 - 11:08am

Olivia is 8 and complaining of breast pain for the last week or so. She is a heavier child so I thought it showed up more in her chest but once she started complaining, I knew it was more than weight! Yikes!!!

Cheryl, Olivia's mom

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Mon, 05-11-2009 - 2:23pm
HELLO!! i know this post was over a month ago, but i havent visited this board in awhile. but i caught sight of your post and im right there with you. my odd with be 9 on june 26th-and a week ago, she started wearing a bra. we went out this weekend and got her a few more. she hasnt started complaining about cramps or anything yet-but she is getting curvier and plumper too. my sister in law started her period at im hoping my dd didnt inherit those genes!! but if she did, we'll take it as it comes. my dd knows about where babies come from, but not much about the whole period thing-at least i dont think so. although one of her bff is 13 and recently started her period...she might have talked to my dd about it-i dont know. i dont have periods because im on the depo shot...i know i have to explain things to my dd but i havent yet. i will probably this summer. anyway, your dd could be getting ready to start...or she might just be having a few symptom flutterings where she wont start for a few months if not longer. just keep an eye on her and wait. thats about all you can do. take care!!
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Wed, 06-10-2009 - 1:05pm
My just turned 9 year old has a "bud" developing in one breast. I thought she was young but the ped said it was perfectly normal.
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Tue, 06-23-2009 - 5:10pm
My 10 yr. old adopted daughter started getting buds at 7!
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Mon, 07-06-2009 - 2:29pm
My 9 year old is (unless she is wearing a very thick material shirt) wearing little sports bras every day now. Like you said, the doctor said it is normal, but as a mom who still sees her as a baby, it's a little jarring to see her get out of the shower and look like a little woman in the making.

I guess though that in the grand scheme of things of raising a daughter though, bras and breasts are just the tip of the iceberg...we better brace ourselves :-)