New to board and a dumb question lol

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New to board and a dumb question lol
Wed, 06-18-2008 - 9:17am

Hi, I have hopped on over to here from the 6 and 7 year old board since my oldest dd just turned 8 on June 7th.

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Wed, 06-18-2008 - 9:53am

My 10 year old still wants me to help her rinse out conditioner, lol.

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Wed, 06-18-2008 - 12:08pm
My daughter is 9.5 and still has trouble getting all the shampoo out of her very thick hair. I don't rinse it for her, but I do inspect her head before she turns off the water, and if I see suds, I tell her to keep rinsing until it's gone. I've been thinking of installing one of those shaving mirrors in the shower so she can check herself and see if she got it all.
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Thu, 06-19-2008 - 7:31am

I think Kayleigh was 9 before she could reliably do a good job with the rinsing of the hair.

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Thu, 06-19-2008 - 11:25am

I like the idea of the timer.

Lindsay has started to try and wash her hair by herself. She is still too young to do it well but I let her try and then I make sure all the soap gets rinsed out. I think she would love to be able to try to get it all out for a set amount of time and then have me just check.

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Fri, 06-20-2008 - 3:11pm

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