Snacking before bed

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Snacking before bed
Fri, 12-05-2008 - 2:25pm

Do you let you kids snack before bedtime?

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Fri, 12-05-2008 - 8:07pm
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Sun, 12-07-2008 - 9:29pm
We eat dinner kind of late -- we're usually finishing up around 6:30 -- so there's not much need or opportunity for her to snack. If she's really hungry she can have a piece of bread before she brushes her teeth.
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Mon, 12-08-2008 - 12:39pm

It kind of depends on what time we ate dinner and how late they are going to bed.

What type of snacks? Something healthy. Usually fruit or cheese and whole wheat crackers.

How long after dinner? It would have to be at least two hours after and we would have had to been busy otherwise I don't think they would even be hungry.

How long before bed? If it has been a while since dinner and they are hungry I'll let them have a snack right before they brush their teeth and turn off the lights.

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