Summer Camps?

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Summer Camps?
Wed, 05-22-2013 - 2:53pm

Will your child be doing any summer classes or camps this year?

I'm not sure about mine yet, there is a fun baseball one but need to check out the dates to see if we have the time.  There is also baseball camp right when school gets out.  The local community college usually offers a science camp every summer, I'll be signing up the twins for that one.  It's only for middle schoolers.

What do you have available in your area?


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Fri, 05-24-2013 - 6:42am

I work full time so we need a full time option. He will be spending most of the summer at the camp he's been in since kindergarten. Its actually my old camp and they keep them very active. Swimming, sports, arts and crafts. We had a few options but this one works best for us. His school runs one but they are in the school 90% of the time. Sorry kids need a break, because he is special ed he could go for free for part of the session BUT they have no swimming and very little outside. Would save a bundle but he was already burnt out of school this would make it worse. Plus they close at 4 and I work until 5 and they have no extended day. The Y and boys and girls clubs have camps to comprobable in price but they do field trips and have limited outdoor space. What I love about his camp is everything they need is there on site.

The city also runs sports camp. More geared towards families that don't need full time care and DS really wanted to do tennis so we are signing him up for 1 week, plus he will go in the morning the school program. It will be a stretch getting him there and picking him up but 1 week we can figure it out.

Some of the other options were either part time or super expensive or both. Also not that close to us. Would love to do a science thing or there was a lego camp but 1 week was more then a 2 week session at his camp and it was only 12-2.

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Fri, 05-24-2013 - 1:02pm

I've just now finally pieced together a hodge-podge of camps for both my boys. We were considering doing swim team again this summer but it's SUCH a time-suck that I was relieved when we decided against it this summer. 

School just got out a couple days ago but my oldest (14) is leaving THIS Saturday for a church mission trip to the Navajo Nation in Arizona! His youth group is going to help build wheelchair ramps for them. He'll be gone a week.

My youngest son has a couple day-camps held at the school that I think start in a couple weeks? (I'm SO organized, lol). One is a CSI-science camp themed camp and the other is a Robotics themed camps. They run from around 9-3. 

Both boys are involved with VBS at church as well- my oldest is a helper with the youth group and my youngest will just be attending. 

Then, towards the end of the summer, they are both going to a sleep-away camp that runs Mon-Friday. But due to their different age groups, they won't be gone druing the same week, darnit, LOL! But it will be a great chance to get one-on-one time with them during the week when the other is gone. 

I cannot believe how HOT it is already! 87 degrees right now and that's with it being overcast, ugh!