Uregnt P&PT please!

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Uregnt P&PT please!
Sun, 09-07-2008 - 10:42pm
My dh pulled a stupid and did something I will regret for days. He took the kids to a water park and stayed all day. He only put sunscreen on them once and that was before they left the house. I thought he knew to reapply. Apparently he didn't know. He even thinks they are playing me. they hurt and are miserable. I have aloe veraed them and iced them like crazy. I went to the pharmacy to get some better stuff but they closed early due to it being Sunday. I'll have to get there tomorrow. They are so red, they look like little lobsters. I told dh that if they all wake up during the night in pain that I was packing them up and taking them to the ER. That I just didn't have the stuff to care for all three of them. Or do that and last all night. I gave them some ibuprofen to hopefully help with the pain. Right now they are all asleep, I just pray they manage to sleep all night. I doubt they will be in school tomorrow. Course dh will not be happy about that. But, it's his fault.


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Mon, 09-08-2008 - 2:23pm
How are they doing today?

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Mon, 09-08-2008 - 5:40pm

I'm so sorry.

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