Where to find...............

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Where to find...............
Thu, 02-12-2009 - 8:10am
Hello, I've written on the message boards before.
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Thu, 02-12-2009 - 10:56am

Hmmm... Good question. My DD is only a baby, so I don't really have any experience in this, but one thing did pop into my head - does the school have a PTA/PTO? I know at the school I taught at the moms who participated in ours seemed to have a good time. Perhaps it's a way to meet others?

Hopefully others will be by soon with other ideas.

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Fri, 02-13-2009 - 7:04am

Hi windatyourheels.

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Fri, 02-13-2009 - 5:37pm

I'm going to second scouts, 4-H, or similar group as being a good place to make and sustain friendships. Dance or gymnastic classes.

With 8 and 9 yo the adults tend to drop them off for play dates and not stay which is different that when they were toddlers and preschoolers. That makes it harder for the adults to connect. It gets harder when you have school aged kids to make new friends.

Volunteering at the school is a good way of meeting other parents. Getting involved in the pta/pto and any fundraisers can help you make friends with other adults.

I have a question for you. How long have you been living in the area you are in now? Has your dd always gone to this school?