8 yo tantrums!!

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8 yo tantrums!!
Wed, 09-14-2005 - 3:16pm

I also have twin 6 year old sons and the 2 of them together are easier than she is. If she's having a fit they tend to be docile and nice... But she attacks them for no reason just to get them to react. She sits with her homework and has tantrum after tantrum, yelling at me and everyone around when she doesn't get it... even if she does get it a moment later. She goes into a fit if she can't find something, if she doesn't know what to do, if she can't fall asleep, or G-d forbid if someone makes a noise when she wants to sleep.

I've tried ignoring, punishing by taking things away, time-out, grounding, spanking... (I hate that, but sometimes that's all that works). All of it only works sometimes but not always. And not for long.

First I thought it was the summer being too long, now I'm thinking it's the changes of new schedule, class and teacher... But I realize that she's always been like this... more or less.... How do I deal with it? Help!!!



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Wed, 09-14-2005 - 3:25pm
My 11yo ds acts the same way, outbursts of temper for no apparent reason, or picking on his brother. We've found it helps if we can catch it early, to remind him that whatever has made him angry is not that big of a deal, to put it into perspective. Time alone (supervised) doing a quiet activity can help him too. He's learning to catch himself, but doesn't always. I sympathyze, this can be very frustrating. He's a great kid, but when his temper tantrums flare up, it's unpleasant to be around him.
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Wed, 09-14-2005 - 6:23pm

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After reading your post, I could say that you were describing one of my dd's. I found that she would tantrum at the drop of a hat if she was over tired, ate something that was off limits (allergies) or simply because she had had a bad day. I also used to give her quiet moments and would make sure she had a small snack and some down time before she tackled her homework...there were many instances when I had to keep her separate from the rest of the kids because of her outbursts.