Afraid of the dark

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Afraid of the dark
Thu, 08-18-2005 - 2:29pm

Hi, I'm new here, and in desperate need of some advice. My 5 year old son started Kindergarten Aug. 3. He loves school when he's there, but hasn't wanted to go on Mondays after being off for 2 days. After 2 years of preschool I thought that this would be a snap for him, but apparently he's having a period of adjusting.

Anyway, a few days before school started he started coming in my room in the middle of the night. At first he was saying that he was having bad dreams, then he's also been blaming it on the weather, that he can't sleep, that he has a stomach ache, he doesn't want to sleep alone, etc. etc. etc. We were letting him sleep in between us, but now it's getting to be too much, especially since it's become an every night event. I'm very cranky from being up in the night because we're cramped in a queen sized bed with a 5 year old that's all elbows and knees. I've tried getting to the bottom of his fears. He says that he's afraid of the dark. He's never had these fears before. He has TWO nightlights in his room and still it's too dark. Has anyone else dealt with this sudden fear of the dark in a 5 year old before? What can I do shy of leaving his light on all night long...and then I'm not sure that would work.

I'd appreciate any suggestions! Thanks! Shelly

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Thu, 08-18-2005 - 6:28pm

Hi Shelly and welcome to the baord. I could have written your post (last year!). My ds went through very similar changes when he entered school. I find that for some kids transitioning into school is a bit harder for them, I know for my ds it took a good 4-5 weeks before things started becoming "routine" for him. The fear of the dark did continue until the beginning of summer, thankfully he is adjusting to it.