Changes in the School Day/Week?

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Changes in the School Day/Week?
Tue, 08-23-2011 - 3:36pm

I came by this article today about a school district in South Dakota that is cutting the school week by one day.

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Wed, 08-24-2011 - 9:09am
Wow. Education should never take a back seat due to money. I don't understand how education can be so low on the priorities of the State's governments. I haven't heard of any shortened school weeks, but I had heard of a DFW school having parents pay for bus service.

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Wed, 08-24-2011 - 10:05am
I completely agree, Dana! It is sad that our children are the ones that have to pay the price. Our school has extended the school day by 10 minutes, but in turn will have more days off and longer breaks (I think Christmas break is 3 weeks long this year!). Also, kindergarten was changed to full days, two days per week (to cut down on the amount of money spent on busing). Honestly I think that is crazy. I know my boys wouldn't have been able to sit still for that long when they were 5! I think we are pretty lucky compared to other areas though. I can only imagine how stressful it would be to teach children all they need to know when you have one less day per week to do so.