How's the Homework Load?

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How's the Homework Load?
Tue, 09-13-2011 - 11:35am

Hi everyone,

How is the homework load going for your children this year?

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Wed, 09-14-2011 - 2:32pm
The homework load has been really fair so far this year. The boys get one sheet of homework each night and they are also expected to read 20 minutes per day at home.

I think my biggest beef with the homework is just simply not knowing how to help them when they get stuck. It seems like most things are taught so differently than the way we were taught (especially math) and often times I have no clue what they need to do to reach the answer. Usually the information covered in the homework is new to the kids too, so we can struggle at times to figure it out.

I don't think any of their homework has been busy work so far. Even the crosswords they've had to complete really made them work. They were given the definitions for their spelling words but not the words themselves. They really had to think back to their spelling lists and match the words up to their definitions. Good work all around!

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Thu, 09-15-2011 - 2:24pm
Do you think the teachers rely on parents to help teach the lessons? With larger student to teacher ratio, they have to be feeling the crunch.

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Thu, 09-15-2011 - 2:32pm
Thanks a great question, Dana. I know the teachers are in a crunch and I know it has got to be hard for them to reach every child, all of the time. I certainly think that parents play a huge roll in education and should be responsible for learning as well. However, I believe that if parents are to be expected to help teach the lessons, they need to be provided with the tools to do so.