Neopets Site?

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Neopets Site?
Sat, 09-10-2005 - 11:14am

Is this actually a sort of educational site? like "play life"?

Are there any sites you recommend which do similar --- teaching how to spend/save money, etc?

Is this parental mail thing my dd wants me to sign - actually just granting her a neopets email addy? like any email addy? IN that case, I don't know if I want her having her own email addy at just 10 years old!!!

What can someone tell me re: Neopia?

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Sat, 09-10-2005 - 2:17pm

hi... my dd got a Neopet for her B-Day, and we went to the web-site, to sign-up and all that.... I didn't do it, to me it looked like away of getting kids, to see the new "pets" and "want" "got to have it"...
all these internet"games" make me very nervous, thankfully the kids aren't asking for it, will deal with that when it happens(not looking forward to so far the only "games" my kids play, are the one's we buy, or the free educational sites like, study dog..

just my opinion... 10yrs.. to young for an email address.. I know the JUNK and SPAM I get,

good luck,

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Sun, 09-11-2005 - 6:33pm

I have to agree that 10 y/o is too young for an email addy...their site isn't one of my faves and I don't really let my gs'ers on it very often...too much "I want that! I want that! comes after they visit.



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Sun, 09-11-2005 - 11:31pm
My kids LOVE that site. My dh goes on with them. They don't have a e-mail address of thier own. Dh says it is kind of fun, he has his own pets, etc... so he can play with teh kids.

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Mon, 09-12-2005 - 8:07am

My DD loves Neopets. I think the thing she wants you to sign will allow her to go the chat boards etc. IMO, I wouldn't sign it.
We enjoy "feeding" our neopets and making them stronger/smarter. I think the site is ok.

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Tue, 09-13-2005 - 2:08pm
My kids have them, one is even 16 and has a "store" and everything. Any messages to them come in my E-mail, they are usually ads for stores, groups, etc. Mostly it's games to make neo-money to buy things to make your pet happy. We have never paid any real money for this, or been solicited in any way. They have been doing it for a few years. As long as you have clear rules for internet saftey, and your child follows pretty well, they should be fine.
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Tue, 10-04-2005 - 3:01pm

Hi There!

There is an option you can choose, so they don't have an e-mail addy on that site. It is a very harmless site, but I would still make sure you know her email addy and password. My daughter was on this site, and I only reccommend that you limit her time on it. My daugther spent too much time playing games and such on there. Good luck!