new here, in need of behavioral help

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new here, in need of behavioral help
Mon, 12-12-2005 - 10:41pm

My youngest is in K. She's always had behavior issues but reports from her teacher has me worried. At school she acts out. Tantrums, throwing things, hitting. She cries constantly there also and has the tendency to hide from her teacher. She doesnt act like this at home, except for the crying. Crying has never gotten her what she wants at home, but that plus positive reinforcement and talking has not done any good.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. I'm out of ideas.


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Tue, 12-13-2005 - 12:11am

Hello and welcome to the board!

Hmmmm, I am not sure what to say. All I can advise is that you talk to her DR! I would definately talk to her Dr and see what he can advise, maybe she has an underlying problem that no one is aware of. Have you talked to her, to see if someone at school is bullying her or being mean and saying/doing things? Have you talked to her teacher?

Hang in there, let us know how everything goes and come back to join us often!

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Thu, 12-15-2005 - 8:08pm

Welcome to the board! I'm actually new here as well. My name is Melinda, married to Bruce. We have a 6yr old son, Matthew, and a 7yr old stepdaughter, Michaella. Both are in the 2nd grade.

My son (now in 2nd grade) acted very similarly to your daughter when he was in kindergarten. He has always had behavioral issues as well but things were especially hard for him in school. I would suggest starting with her pediatrician, if he/she isn't able to help maybe he/she can recommend someone who can. At the same time, I would call your daughters school and set up a PPT meeting. Get the school psychologist involved and ask that she be observed while she's in class. He/she may be able to pinpoint some areas in particular where your daughter is having difficulty and come up with some solutions to make things easier for her... for instance an incentive chart, small breaks during the course of the day, helping the teacher set up activities in class, etc.

Remember, you are your daughters advocate, be persistent and expect the school to help you, that's part of their job.

Best of luck to you and if you'd like to talk more, feel free to email me :)