Not sure there's a solution, maybe I just need to vent

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Not sure there's a solution, maybe I just need to vent
Sun, 05-15-2011 - 9:43pm

My son just turned 13.

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I just want to offer you some big (((HUGS))).


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I'm sorry he is having trouble, and that you are also. The birthday circuit is tough to navigate no matter what. When kids are older (13), 3 friends is probably not bad for a party. Not to dismiss the bad etiquette, definitely stings and I'm sorry for that.
On the plus side, it sounds like he is doing OK.
However, I would definitely be talking with the teacher and finding out how he does at school. You can also express your concerns and once she/he is aware of them, she/he may have ideas and opportunities to tie him in to an appropriate group for projects and such.
Maybe find a friend who is also not interested in althetics. There must be some! I know my youngest son is definitely not a sports guy!
Does he do better one-on-one? If so they help him by setting up friends to visit one on one.
I was so painfully shy growing up, I had few friends after we moved in 7th grade. A set of 3 friends is nice that way if one is away, you have someone else etc.