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Wed, 09-28-2005 - 7:37pm
I need help with suggestions, websites, tips I volunteered to make my school directory but don't know where to begin. Can anyone help has anyone done this???
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Sat, 10-08-2005 - 11:02pm
I have never done that but I found an online directory that you could use as a guide. Here is the link:
Good luck.
Lisa ~ mom to Tia (7) and Bryce (2)

Lisa ~ Mom to Bryce and Tia


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Sun, 10-09-2005 - 7:54am

First, send home a paper that allows people to opt certain personal info out of being printed. State on the form that non-return of the form implies permission to print all info.

Our directory has studen name and grade, address, phone and parents name.
This is organized alphabetically with family grouped together.

SMITH, Joe (K) Jane (3)
1 Smith Drive
Smithville, USA 11111
Robert and Susan Smith

IF someone has asked their info not be printed it might just be
Smith, Joe (K) JAne (3)

At the beginning of the directory there are pages with just class lists.
So, if you want to look up Suzy in your daughter's class, but she can't come up with the last name, you can look her up there.

THere is also a page that lists homeroom parents and phone numbers.
PTA officers and phone numbers
Phone numbers for school and district office.

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