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Something pretty cool
Fri, 01-29-2010 - 11:27pm

Hi everyone! I'm new here, my name is Mary.

I just wanted to post a bit of advice for anyone having the same problem I was having with my son a few months ago.

His doctor told us he was overweight and that we needed to do something about it before he got much older, because it would be easier that way. My husband and I were having a problem getting Jacob (my 8 year old son) to do anything but play video games.

Then I remembered a cool toy I used to play with as a kid. All I remembered was that you could sort of hit them around. Anyway, I ordered a pair and gave them to Jacob. At first he was frustrated from trying to do crazy tricks from the start, but now he's having and awesome time with it! It got him into going outside and exercising. He seems to be in a better mood and his doctor said (this is obviously a few months later) that he's really close to a healthy weight.

I bought the sticks from I ended up buying him another pair after I found out how much he liked them. He wanted more "manly" colors ;-) Some of his friends have them now too... I'm really happy I was able to get him away from a tv screen!!