Teachers + Parents = Facebook Friends?

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Teachers + Parents = Facebook Friends?
Tue, 09-04-2012 - 1:43pm

I saw this article over on the Today Show page and thought it was interesting.  Have you ever become friends on Facebook with the teacher of one of your children? Do you think that is a line that shouldn't be crossed or is it fine to become FB friends?



I'm FB friends with a few of my boys' old teachers, but not their current teachers (and we only became FB friends because we've become friends in real life).  I can see how it would be best to keep that relationship more professional while the teacher/student relationship exists.  However, if you are active at the school and get to know a teacher on a personal level, I see no problem with the teacher/parent FB friendship.

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We do pretty much the same thing- there's been a couple of teachers we've become especially close with so we're FB friends now but I don't think I would do it for all of my kids' teachers. Especially now that they're getting older and have more than 1 teacher each year.

A couple of years ago, one of my son's teachers made a special group on FB for the class and THAT was a great idea! It was so nice to be able to easily reach out to another parent in the class for all those little details that can come up- like when one of my kids forgot what math problems to do for homework, for example. 


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Half chuckling because the thought of 3 of his old teachers on FB. Older generation, they can't even figure out school webpages. I'm not even FB friends with coworkers, except for a select few. I like my privacy, even if I am friendly with his teacher she doesn't need to know THAT much about us. I had the queen bee PTO mom growing up and it can be awkward for the kid. There is one thing about being involved but there is another about being overly involved. Also experienced last year a family friend being his teacher and its not a great mix. While they are his teacher I want to keep that line clear and even after seeing as I have another one that will be attending school soon, think its still a line I'm not ready to cross. My day care lady has a FB account but I haven't friended her and I've known her since my 9 year old was 6 weeks old and she is part of the family but while we have a proffessional relationship I just don't think its a good idea.