Technology vs Parenting

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Technology vs Parenting
Fri, 06-11-2010 - 9:40am

Much of the concern about cellphones and instant messaging and Twitter has been focused on how children who incessantly use the technology are affected by it. But parents’ use of such technology — and its effect on their offspring — is now becoming an equal source of concern to some child-development researchers.

Stop texting, Dad!

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Mon, 06-14-2010 - 9:29am
I have mixed emotions about this one. LOL...because I know I'm guilty of this as well. I try to keep focused on my kids, but with these crazy smart phones, you have your whole computer in your phone. It can get addicting. I recently purchased a Blackberry and now I understand why they are affectionately referred to as "crackberries". IMs, text, internet, Facebook're never out of the loop. We do however have several 'phone-fee' zones. The dining room table is a biggy. DH has a tough time with that one and we all have to give him 'the look' if his phone rings during mealtime. LOL