What's going in their Easter baskets?

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What's going in their Easter baskets?
Thu, 04-05-2012 - 12:19pm

If you celebrate Easter, what are you putting in your kid's Easter baskets? This seems more and more difficult for me as my boys get older.

I haven't gotten much so far and I really need to get on the ball! It doesn't help that both of my boys are out of school this week so I'm going to need to go out one evening when I can leave them at home with DH. They are also kind of picky when it comes to candy...neither of them like M&M's, for example. (Which is like CRAZY to me, LOL!)

One thing I usually do is get one toy that they can play with together and I set it out in between their two baskets. This year it will be a pair of Nerf water guns. Hopefully I won't regret that choice...:smileyhappy: