When do your GSers go back to school?

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When do your GSers go back to school?
Mon, 07-11-2005 - 2:47am
I thought about this because tonight I saw a commercial for BACK TO SCHOOL savings!!! All ready!!! My kids have only been out of school for 4 weeks and I hadn't even begun to think about buying clothes, school necessities and what not. Seems like the school sales are starting earlier and earlier every year.



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Mon, 07-11-2005 - 8:29pm

Hi there,

I don't get here much, but had to agree on this one! I was surprised to see back to school supplies in Walmart the other day. We go back on Aug 23 here. We haven't even gone on vacation yet! I can't think of school supplies! Ugh.

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Mon, 07-11-2005 - 11:40pm
Our Walmart and Target both were setting up the displays the week of the 4th of July!!! Arg, we don't go back until August 24th! Whaa it is coming too soon, they can't have my kids yet!!!!!

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Sat, 07-16-2005 - 12:32am

I am leaving for summer camp next Saturday and I expect that sales will be in full force by the time I get back. School does not start her until the first Tuesday in September.

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Mon, 07-18-2005 - 10:02am

school here starts august 23. i am already done with school shopping(for supplies). my dd had alot of things left from last year that she was able to use so it made her school supply list very short on what i had to buy for her.
last year when the loose leaf paper went on sale for 10cents a pack i bought like 70 packs of it. i even gave my brother some for school. i plan on doing the same thing this year too. never can be to safe for anything. spiral notebooks right now at my walmart are only 10cents a piece. i will probably stock up on them as well. will save in the long run.
my ds so far hasnt had a school supply list yet. he goes to a state funded school for the handicapped. and so far everything is supplied for him. (he is handicapped with cerebral palsy, asthma epilepsy and allergies and some brain damage). will never grow out of his handicap.
my neices will be in school as well so i cant waite to for school to start. will give me the much needed break from them all.